You Can Play an Epic Role!

Every contribution makes a difference. Every single dollar matters.


Please contact us to learn how you can make a donation by:
• A Gift of Appreciated Assets (i.e. stock)         • An Estate Gift         • A Multiple Year Pledge Commitment

The Kalamazoo Cultural Center is a 501(c)3 and your charitable gift is tax deductible to the full extent of state and federal law.
Please check with your tax advisor to determine how your gift may affect your personal tax situation.



“From high school video and computer art classes at Public Media Network, to contracting with Wellspring to perform for thousands of K-8 Kalamazoo County students, to tapping into the wisdom in the building to review hundreds of Irving S. Gilmore Foundation student scholarships, to utilizing multiple performance and workshop spaces for our week long Aesthetic Education trainings, Kalamazoo RESA’s Education for the Arts (EFA) is catalyzed through our Epic Center partnerships.”

– Bryan Zocher,
Director, Kalamazoo RESA
Education for the Arts


“El Concilio is honored to partner with the Arts Council to shine a light on the diverse cultures, arts and traditions of the Latinx community. By supporting our Dia de los Muertos event through grants and Art Hop, they continue to help us spread cultural awareness.”

— Adrian Vazquez-Alatorre,
Executive Director
El Concilio


“We know that the rich arts and cultural offerings of Kalamazoo County are a key reason people choose Kalamazoo as their destination. Our geolocation data indicates that downtown Kalamazoo is by far the #1 point of interest for visitors to Kalamazoo. Thus Discover Kalamazoo regularly partners with many of the organizations located in the Epic Center to advertise their events. The Epic Center gives visitors a reason to visit downtown and therefore support other businesses in the process.”

— Jane Ghosh,
Discover Kalamazoo,
President & CEO

“A donation to the Epic Center is more than an investment into supporting the arts, it is an investment into the greater Kalamazoo economy. Arts facilities are economic generators and catalysts for their cities. For every dollar spent on arts and cultural activities, three additional dollars are spent in the local economy on related activities like hotel rooms, restaurants, parking and shopping. Providing a first-class collaborative space for the community arts organizations is a key priority of our leadership.”

— Judy K. Jolliffe —
Director Emerita